Muay Thai Training in Thailand

– This is a sponsored review for Suwit Muay Thai Camp

The Suwit Training Camp is located in Phuket offering Thaibox Training for 20 years. It’s probably the dream of every martial artist to go to the motherland of their martial art to learn from the masters. It does not matter if you want to go to Brazil to learn BJJ, oder to Japan to perfect your Judo. If you want to learn Thaiboxing you have to go to a Muay Thai Camp Thailand. The Camp offers different training program packages for Training, Accomodation or Training and Accomodation. For Europeans this comes to a very affordable price 1 time costs you 500 Thai Baht 10 EUR for one training session, 1 Week (6 Days with training twice per day) costs 64 EUR and one month costs 191 EUR. You can stay in those room, which look clean considering the pictures on their website or stay somewhere else. If you decide to stay at the Muay Thai Training Camp and sleep in one of their rooms you get an extra discount, and in a Fan Room, you will pay 234€ for training and accomodation, which is a true bargain. If you need air conditioning you pay 309€ for Training and accomodation, which is still pretty cheap for european standards. Considering all off this, I could see myself training at this place, if I was a standup fighter and not a grappler.

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