how to know your life sucks

your life sucks when…
…you don’t want to be alone, but do nothing about it…
…you know the birthday of your favorite pornstar, or the first time she had anal sex…
…you love sex, but never had a girlfriend…
…you follow more than 1000 people at twitter…
…you think reading/writing about things equals doing them…
…you are into affiliate marketing and sell people akai juice…
…you are in a relationship where you fake honesty and fuck other people…
…you pest the web with your blog…
…you read self help blogs, but don’t change your life…
…you believe everything you read…

There are millions of people out there, who simply don’t get it, no matter how hard they try. There is a coach or blog for every aspect of our lives, yet more and more people fail to be simply good at living. A fact is that every single one of our ancestors, no matter who you are, managed to find someone to mate and produce offspring. Every single one of us comes from a line of winners, and yet so many act like they are on the loser side of the life.
Fuck being perfect and wanting things that media tells us we need. Life is about choices and we have to make them. For us. Ourselves. Without the written permission of aunt Sally, or Jack the blogger. There has never been a time when we had so many choices and possibilities, we simply have to make them and stand true to what we are. Which is the hardest part, as it needs a personality and making up our mind.
Wait a second, just screw that and get back to being average, it’s easier.

Deaf, dumb and blind?

Or what do some people think I am, it is nice to read that my blog is included in some no-follow link list, but the point is, that my blog does not reward commenters with do-follow links, those are simply no follow links. And it is pretty useless to post more manual spam links. Thanks for noticing, but I don’t give a damn. It would even be great if some of the guys who gently told me to remove my do-follow links would have checked if there are some instead of trying to get a linkback from me…

Little Traffic, lot’s of Spam

It is insane.
This blog recieves very little traffic. Roughly 200 visitors, and it says no keyword in the comments, which should at least tell you that I don’t like spam and take care of this site, as comments are not FFA and moderated.
It’s funny, my other sites, that have more traffic and content, do not recieve this amount of comment spam. I really wonder why this is happening to good old svensworld. Is it that the topics are spam worthy? Or that the domain is very old and people want to get backlinks from it?
Anyways, to all the people who want to push their sites: Do what you have to do, I have no problem with deleting.
In other words, keep on wasting your time.

traveling Sardenga

It’s been ages since I had a beach vacation, at least if you say a vacation has to be longer than one week. This year we have been visiting the south of Sardenga, or Sardinia, as it is called in English. It’s a really nice island and the Costa Rei has a beach that has fine white sand and crystal clear water. Even though it must be a tourist magnet in the high season, the off-season is very calm.
We decided to take the bus, on the one hand you can save a lot of money, you can avoid driving the streets of Sardenga by yourself and most importantly you can focus on the landscape.

On using the bus in Sardinia

The main intercity bus line in Sardinia is ARST, those buses seem to be going throughout the whole year, only changing their schedule once the high season is over. Going from Cagliari to Monte Nai, which is one of the biggest tourist villages there, costs you 5.50€. This is for two and a half hours traveling time, on a beautiful landscape, tiny roads and pretty aggressive other drivers.
In the low season this bus line is merged with the local school bus system, without a place to store your luggage, but you can take it inside the bus and place it on the seats…
Overall I can only recommend those buses, as there are only very few people using them in the low season. We didn’t have more than 8 passengers, not counting the school bus, where there was a busload of pupils, nevertheless we had 4 seats for us and our luggage.

The south of Sardinia

The south, especially the Costa Rei is very touristic. There are a lot of vacation resorts, and if you decide to go during the low season, you can make some nice bargains on the accommodations. It’s great for holidays on a budget. The beaches range from nice to awesome and there are some laws that make sure everyone is allowed to the beaches.
Overall we were surprised as the south of Sardinia was rather badly developed and we did not expect that at all. Sure you can get everything, but somehow it does not feel like lot of the money (that the tourists bring in for sure) stays on the island. Many places and streets are run down, if there are real streets at all and not some dust road. The most annoying thing was the pavement as it was wide enough for one person while anyone else had to go on the street.
The public transports were a shame, the intercity busing was great, but it was annoying that a lot of places are not accessible via bus once the high season is over. Not even once or twice per day. You are seriously dependent on other means of transportation if you want to access certain points such as a car, bike or scooter.
It’s a lovely country, and if you move outside the tourist routes the people are very nice and kind, always trying to help. There are a lot of people who have traveled and worked throughout Europe and who approach you when you are lost. It’s a great island!
In places where there are a lot of tourists the people are still nice, but it very often feels like the people are expecting you to give them the money. A lot of adventures you can have (boat trips, sports, cost quite a lot money and the guides/sales persons do not even seem to be that interested in selling you their items. It’s more like we have people who want this, there is no need to work hard for it. I might be mistaken here, but I am not going to throw my money at people simply because they are there. I have traveled quite a bit, and this simply felt like arrogance. The next time we visit Sardinia we will check out the north, the south still is a great place for cheap beach holidays in the low season, unless you want to use services or rentals that are offered there. Accommodation, bus & food is affordable.

The weather

The September is mild, and we had above 25 degrees throughout our vacation until around the 20’st, which was when we flew home. For us this was the perfect time, a mild climate, warm but not too hot. Even the nights were very mild and we only needed a pullover twice when you went to the beach. We didn’t need long pants the whole time.

Island pricing

I guess there are a lot of things you can get cheap, but most of the food, especially fresh food, is not cheap. First of Cheese, Milk & Meat are really expensive, you can easily pay up to 30€ for a single Kilo of meat or cheese. Fruits are not that expensive, but you have to watch out to get some fresh ones as in every small supermarket there is some service who weights the fruits for you. Sweets are expensive, especially chocolate. Bread is mostly some white bread, which is priced OK.
Overall Sardinia has some hefty prices on the food, especially if you are dependent on local stores and don’t have a car to hit up the big french supermarkets in the outskirts. We thought it’s a fair trade to save a few hundred bucks on a car and therefor spend a bit more on food. Even though you can probably hook up with other people who are there who can take you to a shop if they go there themselves. You are forcing yourself to social interactions if you are dependent on public transport and local markets, which was a lot fun not being able to speak more than 10 Italian words.
Adventures, such a guided trips, sports or rentals are fairly expensive and can bust a small budget very fast.

The Costa Rei

The beach on this coast has white sands and crystal clear water and is about 10 km long. You can see this illustrated in the following google maps screenshot. Most towns are tourist towns during the summer months and there are not many people left once the holiday season is over.

Größere Kartenansicht

Learn to explain virtual ventures to relatives

The online world is one big hub of information and tools, easy to understand once you are inside, but hard to figure out from the outside. How do you explain the different services, toys and tools to outsiders? How do you describe how you are spending your time online to the family or friends who are not into this whole tech stuff? Educate your relatives in an easy, non confronting way on how we spend our hours using the following list.


  • “I am keeping a log on things that are important to me / I am interested in / I share experiences with other about my interests.”
  • “I write about stuff that others are interested in so I can earn an extra buck with my expertise.”
  • “I am trying to earn a buck besides my work, but have to click on the adsense advertisments all by myself to get some money.
  • “I like to spread my word, but nobody listens to me in real life.”
  • “It’s like keeping a diary, without a lock, public for everyone to read, and it makes me warm and fuzzy if people know my secrets.”
  • “I need attention, and can network with others who need attention as well.”
  • “I think I can do this professionally and quit my job. In about 10 years.”
  • “It’s a marketing tool. Even though I don’t have a product to sell.”

Multiplayer games

  • “I am playing with my friends online just like meeting for a pickup game in the park.”
  • “I train my social behavior and networking skills by taking part in the community and being in a Clan.”
  • “I love to create things and create multiplayer modifications for my favorite game.”
  • “Killing things was always one of my hobbies, but I ran out of cats and dogs.”
  • “I heard gamers are good with girls, so I gave it a try.”
  • “I love insulting newbs and banning people from my server who are better than me. You heard me mom?”
  • “Don’t you think ogres are sexier than humans? Could you wear an ogre costumne next time we make out?”


  • “Twitter is like a public SMS.”
  • “I can connect with friends from everywhere else.”
  • “Twitter is one of those timesuckers I just can’t keep my finger off.”
  • “Twitter enables me to broadcast interest findings to my friends without having to tell every single one.”
  • “I can pretend to have more than 50 friends who actually care about what I tweet.”
  • “It’s easy following all those celebrities, it’s easier than nordic stalking, I’ll visit their windows anyways.”

Life Hacking

  • “I try to optimize my life to have more time for fun & important things.”
  • “I batch everything to be able to waste more time on something else.”
  • “I hate my work and want it to get done as fast as possible.”
  • “I can’t stand clutter and chaos and have found loads of people who share my fetish.”
  • “I thought hackers was da shit, but I am not good at math or coding.”

Affiliate Marketing

  • “I do telemarketing, on the internet.”
  • “I sell stuff from others through my web projects to get a share of their profits.”
  • “I drive traffic to products that are popular and spend the money on Bling Bling.”
  • “I sell this diet shit that people are so pissed off about.”
  • “Want some snake oil?.”
  • “I know how you can make a few bucks in between, just sign up for those networks under my affiliate link.”
  • “No that’s not a snowball system. You would have to be a fed to call it something like that.”

31 Euro Challenge meets eating out

Sometimes things are not meant to be, which rings true with the 31€ Project. Actually I am pretty sure(90%) I would manage to eat for 1€ each day, there is only one problem, I can’t do it if I am moving around as germany tends to be an expensive country. This whole diet resolves around eating and cooking at home, and if I leave for a few days I can’t keep it up. Even though I will not pay for food and liquids the next days, it’s still a break of the rules as someone else paid for them and I have to declare this bet lost. I won’t give up this easy though and will postpone the whole project to a later date. This time it might be lost, but it’s not really my fault. I hate losing due to outer influences and won’t give up this easy. I will give it another run in 2-3 months when I am not traveling for more than a week.

1€ per Day Project – Day 3

The third day of the 1€ per Day Project is running and it’s the first day I have been trying to cook milk rice. I wonder how that will taste compared to the normal rice I eat.
So far everything feels better than I thought it would. I am not that hungry throughout the day, even though I eat a lot less than the weeks before. No vegatables and only very few fruits feels like a pain, but it’s just not within that tiny budget. The highlight of the day is the fresh breakfast while the toughest challenge in the whole project is the daily fight with the rice. Not that I don’t like rice(even though I overvalued it before this project), it’s more that I hate rice without vegetables or meat. Here is a picture of my daily enemy.

The daily intake

The daily kcal intake must be hovering around 1200 kcal, which is not a lot by any means.