Dorian Yates Training Tips

Dorian Yates ist einer der fiesen, großes, bösen Bodybuilder, bei denen jeder sagt: igitt. Ahnung hat er auf jeden Fall, von daher ist dieses Video auch für Menschen interessant, die nicht wie ein Tier aussehen wollen, sondern einfach nur fit werden möchten. Was ich interessant finde ist, dass er HIT trainiert, was für Profis selten ist, da man nur wenige Sätze macht und auch nicht jeden Tag in der Woche trainiert. Dies spricht normalerweise für natürliche Bodybuilder, die gut mit ihrem Körper umgehen können.

Decision 2010 – The biggest bullshit you will hear

People start yelling at LeBron for choosing a team where he might win. Look, comparing him to Jordan or Kobe does not do him justice. Jordan had an allstart Team with Pippen, Rodman, Kerr and Kucoc. They were a good team, what did LeBron have in Cleveland? Name the players that made as much impact as those guys did for Jordan. Kobe is now not playing with Shaq, but look, he has Gasol… Lebron had nothing in Cleveland that comes even close to this. He has a team of ok player, that will kick most of the other bball players on the planet, but sadly they are not good enough without the King. And where should he go from there, New York or Chicago? It’s a fuckin joke to suggest this, as people really think that making a second best chance is a viable option.

Money should be of no concern for him, he will always have enough, so will probably have his children and grandchildren. His legacy might be important, but come on, it’s Cleveland, you can understand when someone wants to be away from there for a few years. A legacy without a championship is the worst for any pro athlete. Fans might have broken hearts, yet I can understand Mr. James, as he can now play with friends, teammates where he knows that the chemistry is alright, because he already got gold with them. Don’t bash the guy for making the right choice.

Cleveland made moves to improve the team, and they did well, assembling a few good players feeding of James presence and skills. We will see how they fare next season. I wonder if they can make the playoffs. Cleveland made the moves, and they did not pay off, leaving them with a flat tire behind, as the team could not change enough within the next years to ensure a title win. They could not do it with this team, and wouldn’t have done it in the future.

Don’t start with the if he is the best ever, he should make it alone. That’s bullshit. The level of professional sports has increased over the last years and there is almost no chance that there will ever be as dominant players as there have been in the past. And you can always argue about the best player not being able to win everything, as the best player ever in my eyes was Wilt Chamblerlain, who did not have the allstar supporting cast Jordan had, and thous did not earn as many rings as Michael did. And Michael could not do it alone in his first years as well. Kobe might reach Michael, but it has finally become a loft goal with these Miami Heat. And that is something I am really looking forward to. Someone to kick the Lakers from there throne, or at least to give them a real challenge with homecourt advantage 😉