Gary Player – 75 Jahre alter Golfprofi, fit wie 35 [Short Video]

Golf, mit dem Stock spazieren gehen, ist nicht unbedingt der Sport, den ich mir anschaue. So habe ich auch noch nichts von Gary Player gehört, der wohl der Sportler ist, der am meisten um die Welt gereist ist. Mit 75 Jahren hat er auch schon ein stolzes Alter erreicht, in dem viele damit zufrieden sind wenn Sie noch aufstehen können. Dieser nicht mehr ganz so junge Mann hingegen, macht jeden Tag noch 1000 Sit-ups und trainiert als ob er mindestens 25 Jahre jünger wäre. Beeindruckend. Storytelling Commercial mit dezenter Werbung am Ende.

gary player // the callaway series from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Betting for Cents – Or how to get things done

Did you ever wonder how to get things done? For me there is always one point when I start to lack motivation and I have to find some anchor point to get through that valley. Either I find that point or start to slack it off. You probably know what I am talking about. It’s all about this tiny spot where you have achieved something, but not enough to really matter. At those moments it’s obvious that the real breakthrough is just a matter of time when you stick to your plan. Strangely this does not matter and our mind tricks us saying that our efforts are not worth what we are doing! Quitting seems like the real deal.

Society trains us towards bad behavoir, we want instant gratification, which actually rarely happens besides learning for school tests and passing them.What did you learn from those tests? Most noteably that forgetting the information you soaked up does not matter much afterwards. Simply forget it and start learning for the new test. Instant gratification sucks, value comes from effort and wanting to do something. Getting things easy or for free devalues them.

Have you lost weight but did not stick to it? Did you want to do something exeptional, but failed miserably and quit a few weeks into it when you saw no results? Here is one of the well hidden ways on how to achieve what you want to! Make bets about your goals with your friends. Make a tiny bet about something that would really annoy you, this makes sure that you are going to put in your best efforts, or be at least punished a bit if you let it drop again.

The size of a bet

A bet has to be the right size, it can be done for honour, but some people need a bit more motivation than that.

  • No humilation bets, don’t bet about stuff that will put you down in front of others. I am not a big fan of negative feedback, on the one hand it can excell your efforts tremendously, on the other hand you should only do things that you will not regret. It’s fine to have hard/tough/uneasy/uncomfortable/annoying bets, just make sure you can live with it in case you have to do it.
  • The bet sizes should be things you care about, otherwise you will not make an effort. On the other hand, even though a bet should not be humilitating it should not be easy to brush off. Your ego has to step in to make this technique fully effective.
  • Make your bets public, share them with other friends, commit yourself to your cause. The more people know about it, there more you will probably care, and the more you will want to get it done due to all those people who are on the sidelines.
  • Make those bets to improve, not to put each other down. Those bets should always be a motivation and nothing to make you hate each other.

I truely believe in Parkinson’s LawWork expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” So the shorter amount of time you have left, the more effort you will put into something. It also goes hand in hand with point 10 of the The cult of Done Manifesto “10. Failure counts as done. So do mistakes.”

It does no matter if you win or lose, such a bet will simply help you to finally get done what you want to do, don’t hesitate start challenging your friends. You don’t have to gamble for money to enjoy yourself. Money is just colored paper! Always remember that there are far better motivators than money. Imagine how you want your life to be instead of some abstract bullshit “I want to be a millionair” mantra.
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Make it three in the tree

At the moment of writing this article I have 3 small prop bets running where no money is involved, as don’t think of money as a good incentive.

  1. The first bet will be due next month where I try to live off 31€ for food the whole month. I blogged about this idea last month and refined the rules for it. It’s time to make that step and try what’s possible for someone who did not have to save his money on food yet. Not that I am a big spender, but food is the single biggest money chunk that leaves my wallet besides the rent.

  2. The next bet is with another friend on who will get a scholarship that will be given away next February. Perfect motivation, we will both get our butts up and do something about our situation.

  3. And the last bet is with the same friend, who bet me that I would not be able to do 10 wide grip pull up’s with a lock-down after each repetion by next February. Right now I can perform one pull-up… this happens when you say you want to master the pull-up… you are instantly challenged by non-believers.