The uber best of March 2009

Color your digital canvas

33 Digital Painting tutorials – Great list with plenty of help and inspiration if you are starting out in digital painting

The best stuff comes for free

Smashing Magazine Freebies – This is an amazing list of freebies that you are free to use for any project as long as you don’t redistributed or resell them. Which is awesome.
Insights on the Free Economy and how it evovled. Great and very long read.

5 Useful insights into creative traffic

Traffic analysis of a huge blog – This is an amazing insight into where a big blog like psdtuts draws it’s traffic.
Which video’s went viral? – Ever wondered which videos went viral the last few weeks? This site has in detail stats about the most recent videos that have been buzzing around the web.
Finding your commentsEver wondered where you leave your comments? This site keeps track of your movements.

Scariest animal of the month

Meet… I don’t know how to call it… I just know that Hitchcock Birds would fly away from those…

The 5 coolest portfolios found in march

Laurent Perbos – Great concept artist, love those works.
The stray voltage – CoOoOl art blog by ron van der ende.
Tokyo Candies – The coolest strong geisha’s you are about to see, probably not sfw – Beautiful and unique photography portfolio that works without JS or Flash!
Eliza Gauger – Loads of cool sketches

Sarcasm meets youtube