Tim Ferriss at Le Web

As some of you know from previous posts, I really like what Tim Ferriss has been doing. His intellect and hobbies are stuff to aspire and his blueprints, or rather his detailed reports of his ventures are always great for entertainment and educational purposes. Want to become an entrepreneur? Rather become a fulltime adventurer.
Here is his speech from Le Web where he talks about how to start with less than 10.000$ and succeed launchin a book into the top lists.

The uber best of the Web – June IV

It’s been another good Friday for art, so check this out 🙂
Clemens Behr – Installations & Illustrations
byroglyphics.com – Loads of fresh Content here, illustrations & paintings
encastrable – Home improvement rebel art
Erwin Olaf – Beautiful ugly Photography
BUFFdiss – Masking Tape Streetart
Theo Junior – Tiny Sculptures
Carl Krull – Danish Artist, I do not know if that makes any difference to another country, but some slick works
Beardsmith – Beard contests photoshooting project
TFDC – pretty cool stuff, even it’s not that extraordinary
Kyle Bean – loads of “cheapass” typo

The uber best of the web – June III

This week has been a bucket full of inspiration. Those links are mostly traditional art as usual. Loads of Photography this time, but it does not stop there. Just follow the links and check out those great works.
no promise of safety .com – tresspassing photography, be sure the browse the whole blog
Ram!’s Photostream – unique style to take photos, found his portfolio here
Shinichi Maruyama – Photographer
Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial 1
Tilt Shift Photography Tutorial 2
Fake “Natural” Furniture
Stickfort – Illustrator
Chris Vector – Vector Illustrations
Photoworkers – Photography
Jim Fiscus – Photography
Mark Holthusen – Photography
Maurizio Cattelan – collection of his artworks, interesting to know he had no classical training in arts
Aeschleah – Photography with a personal touch
Ero Una volta – Photography with a personal touch
Chirstophe Gilbert – Photography, we are just animals
The Motorless City – Photo’s of an abandoned City… sad beauty
eDsanca – Photostream of stunning portraits
Hakan – uber solid Photography
Max Dworkin – Photography with a gritty touch
aksel – furniture and more
Chow Martin – black & white art
Jason Thielke – Drawing Art
Simone Decker – Virtual Sculpture suggestions
Ofer Wolberger – Clear Photography, those works simply work
Zenvironments – “just” illustrations & design
Dina Goldstein – How do childhood idols age? Photography

The uber best of the web – June II

Loads of traditional art for your viewing pleasure.
Sucasamicasa – Sharing Galleries
d.billy – Street Art
uLiveandYouburn – Street Art
Horacio Salinas – Conceptual Photographer
Florian Nicolle – Illustrations
Gluesociety – Creative Collective
Hakuchi – Not save for work Art
Natalie Ratkovski – Illustrationsur v

The uber best of the Web June I

I’ll drop this down to a weekly shedule with all the good art sites and portfolios that I find. Here at smashill you won’t find loads of boring digital copycats, most of those links will feature unique artists and their ways to build creative capital.

Christop Martin Schmid – Photographer
Vinchen – Streetart
Jeanine Wollard – Photography Artist
Posterchild – Streetart
The 5 lights Project – Inspired by Warren Ellis’s Rotor Concept, 5 different people (Illustrator, Writer, Musician, Photographer & Filmmaker) write content for free
Mark Mawson – Photographer
Michael Ferris Jr. – Sculptures
Florian Freier – Mixed Media Art
Clark Little – Photographer… love those waves

The uber best of May 2009

Artists that make your toes curl

No visual overload to find here, you have to check those pages for yourself, all are worth at least 3-10 minutes of your lifetime. Promised. Artists only this month.
The swimming Cities – Mad Max meets Waterworld.
Henry Lewis – Painter
Shawn Barber – Painter
Anthony Lister – Painter
Jan C. Pohl – Painter
Bart Hess – Dutch photographer
theotherstream – Photoshop master
Junior Jacquet – Toilett Paper Sculptures
Jonathan Schipper – Modern Sculptures & Concepts
Gwonosang – Photography Sculptures
Claire Morgan – Sculptures of Decay

The uber best of April 2009

Artists that make your toes curl

The book Cutter, been all over the sites, but it’s such a unique style he still deserves a mention.
Running from the Camera – 2 sec Auto-Shutter trying to get away
imbueUK – Most interesting project is smash for cash, but the other work of this street artist is cool too.
Evan Roth – bad ass mother fucker SEO artist
Teun Hocks – Insane Photographer
handmade typography – 35 photos of individual typography
Eric Tabuchi – great concepts and photos
Rath Photographie – very slick photography blog/portfolio
Stefan Strumbel – Blog by a german artist. Extremely stylish works
Dave the Chimp – Sweet Exhebition
Gorgeous Painting – I love art when it does something new, and those painting come with a “really fresh” tag attached.
Kasper Sonne – concepts, words and images.

the interwebs & digital world

Spizak – sick digital works, and even better: see a step by step process in this post
box doodles – Make the most out of a simple box. Great conceptual website with loads of participants
Why athletes go broke – Personal finance for Sport Stars
Stick2target – Saying no to twitter, cool series of twitter throw ups

The historic web, ideas don’t get old

retirement plan for artists – secure your future as an artist, future planning for people who do not need bungee jumping for the kicks
living on 30$ for a month – This took place in 2006 and I rediscovered it as I intend to spend 31€ on food the next month.
Too much interst in everything – Nathan Myhrvold has a dug out T-Rex standing in his home
Your Velociraptor – You might not be able to get a T-Rex standing in your living room, but you can at least create your own Velociraptor huntring trophy

all about photography

Ghost Streets in Detroit great panoramic Photos
build your own super dupa makro lense – the cheapskates guide to professional makro lenses
Steven Lippman – huge portfolio

Motivational Entrepreneur Videos

This month I discovered Tim Ferris and have to admit I became a follower. His lifestlye is pretty amazing, and it was always something I was striving for, he hit the top10 people I’d like to meet list. This interview is great and teaches people how to leverage your offline business with an online community.

Great thoughts on entrepreneurship, making money, blogging and marketing yourself. There are some real gems of insight in this webcast.