Smashill's Sunday Textures – Bright Graffiti Closeups

After two weeks of having a texture break we are back with a vengance! Well not really, but this week you can download 5 neat and colorful high resolution [4288*2856 px] graffiti textures!

Can you improve your networking with Twitter?

This is probably the most important question about Twitter. Can you actually improve your networking using it? Yes you can! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Twitter guide for creative people.
Here are 5 simple steps to start networking with twitter when you are a brand new twitter user:

  1. Start building a presence outside of twitter

  2. Browse websites in your niche and look for the twitter accounts of the people running those sites.

  3. Check out the twitter accounts of those people, now it’s time to decide which people to add. As a rule of thumb, don’t add people who have more than 500 followers if you want to start interacting with them.

  4. After adding them write an “@theirnickname I really dig your work and look forward following your updates, hopefully we can have some great conversations.” or something similar. Make sure your profile has a nice look and that your offline projects, in other means your website, speaks for itself. Edit: Kikolani made a great comment concerning this: “Be sure to not write the same message 50 times in a row, as you will look like a spammer using some kind of tool.” So be sure to use twitter naturally instead of making it an applied science.

  5. Start interacting with those people on a regular basis, write replies to some of their messages that you have a genuine opinion on, retweet their stuff or promote their works. If you do everything right and share interests they will probably add you as a friend.

You can always go out and randomly add everyone you find, or use some tools to do this for you, but your networking powers will be pretty worthless. Twitter is a great tool to find like-minded people with whom you can chitchat every once in a while. Promoting yourself in twitter is a retarded way to approach twitter, as you will get far more quality followers in case you offer something unique and worthwhile out of twitter. Otherwise you are just one of those snake oil sellers who can talk to the other autofollow jerks who are polluting the twitterverse.

Smashill's Sunday Textures – 6 Shutter

It’s Sunday again, TEXTURE TIME! Today you can download 6 high resolution [4288*2856 px] shutter textures. Some of them with a grungy feel attached. Enjoy 🙂

What do you need twitter for?

This part of “the Creatives Guide to Twitter” goes out to all the nay sayers. What on earth do you need twitter for? After all it’s just a little blue bird… You don’t have to use twitter, but it can help you promoting whatever you are doing. Here are a few Pro’s and Con’s to the use of twitter.

The Pros

  • easy to connect with others
  • great way to leverage your works
  • increase your fanbase
  • promote your products
  • share what you are doing/finding

The Cons

  • Can turn into a time waster
  • loads of your first followers will be bots and snake oil salesmen
  • You need something besides twitter to leverage your presence
  • High noise ratio if you choose to follow a lot people
  • your output has to be unique

The Conclusion

Don’t think too much about why you are using twitter. It’s simply a tool to connect with other people, think of it either like a mini blog or a public instant messenger. It serves no bigger purpose than sharing ideas and having conversations with other people. Sure you can promote products, information and whatever, but you have to offer value outside of twitter to benefit from it. It’s pretty useless to add hundreds of people in the hopes of marketing your product. You will have no influence through that at all.

What is Twitter?

The world does not need another twitter guide, so I am definitely writing one 😉 You can find the whole guide at “The Creatives Guide to Twitter
Let’s cover the most simple question first…

what is Twitter?

To make a short story even shorter, Twitter is a so called social media platform where you can interact with other people. The interesting part about Twitter is that you can only use 140 characters for each message and are limited to a short output. It’s pretty much the sms of the internet, but so far without a fee for the messages you send. It’s a great free tool to give status updates or rather share what’s moving you at the moment.

How to use twitter

The first time I tried twitter I did not enjoy it at all. Check a website for updates regularly? Why should I do that? Oh boy, that was wrong! There are great tool’s such as twhirl, which is my twitter client of choice, or tweetdeck that transform twitter into an instant messenger. You get all your new messages and tweets right on your desktop and don’t have to check the website. It turns Twitter into a public instant messenger. Public as all your tweets are available to everyone as long as you keep a public profile.


Is 140 characters too short to be useful?

One could think so, and it probably is for some, but actually it helps to get down to the bone of the message and quit fuzzing around the hot cupcakes.
If you are still hesitating, give it a try, if you tried it without a client and disliked it, give it another go with a Twitter client, and if you still dislike it, just don’t use it 🙂

Smashill's Sunday Textures – 8 Sprayed Walls

After having a huge texture week it was time to slow down again, but the next week of texture will probably come sooner than later, as I really enjoy making those shots at the moment. Today you can download 8 high resolution [4288*2856 px] spraypaint photos. Enjoy 🙂

10 Reasons to love twitter – target's stickers

A few days ago I found a great set of 10 twitter stickers that really made my day. Sometimes it’s more important to share something on a blog than simply via twitter, so here comes to long overdue shout out about target from, go visit his bloooooog! I placed the link in the uber best of April, so it’s all about repetition ;)!
The sticker I loved the most has to be the one fuckin with guys who chase followers like cupcakes, but you should know how I think about twitter followers.