There is water on mars

Every vacation comes to an end unless you are a traveling freelancer with a nomad lifestyle like the guys from location indepentent or Chris Guillebeau. Almost 3 weeks without internet, television and other media on Sardegna has been a blast.
Sardenga is a really nice country, and I will visit it again and travel the north of it, as we have explored the south this time. Be aware if you decide against a rental car and go by bus, there are a lot of places where the buses stop their service once september starts! We did not know this and had a lot of fun finding a ride to cover the last 6 km of our first route. As it turned out there was no taxi, so we started walking and were picked up after about 1km… walking can be hell if you are rolling 2 big suitcases behind…

Holidays are mandatory

We all need holidays, especially once we are self employed or stuck in a job that takes more than it gives. Sure, all this stuff may put the food on the table and allow you to spend some time under in a warm room, but after all, we need time to please our-self.

  1. Work burns out

  2. We work too much, we end up burning out. No matter what we do, once things are the same every day and the stress is almost unbearable, we have to stop. Actually we should all stop far earlier, but most people don’t.

  3. Time off refreshes

  4. There is more to life than work, and if you do not know how you can spend your time off, you are doing something wrong. There are so many things one can do in life, and most of those things are a lot of fun. Don’t think too much, and go for the experience, at least you will be able to tell a more interesting story at the water stop in the office next time.

  5. Only time allows you to reflect your life

  6. When we are caught up in life, we don’t have time to adjust it. Sometimes it’s great to simply react and see what is coming, but after all there should be something we strive for. In case you are in a struggle with your work and have to make ends meet it’s almost impossible.

    Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.

    Tyler Durden

So, take time off and start working on your creative output. Start being someone who actually cares enough about himself to do what he wants to do, instead of taking the easy road out.

20 Life changing Rules learned by playing GTA

  1. Only the strong survive

  2. GTA teaches Darwinism in the most simple way possible: Kill it before it kills you. Actually Darwin said that the most adaptable wins, but in GTA it’s definitely the strongest or most violent.

  3. Violence is necessary to succeed

  4. You have to be a ruthless and especially violent motherfucker to get what you want. No matter if you are Nico Bellic, Tommy Vercetti or Carl Johnson you are extremely violent to get what you want. The sea is big enough to sink those who get in your ways.

  5. Friends do not work on auto pilot

  6. Since GTA3 we know that friends have to be taken care of. You have to meet them and go out with them to keep in touch and make them happy. Friends forget you as fast as you can say Hi.

  7. Everything has a price

  8. The world turns around money, and 98% of the world will do things for money that go against their nature.

  9. Revenge is the ultimate engine

  10. The whole game of GTA is build around revenge. It’s the ultimate engine to get you to the highest worlds, or to get you killed very fast. No matter how hard you try, it will not always be a gratification if you get it, just like your whole mission of GTA4 turns out to be hunting a junkie that will die anyways.

  11. Everyone is crooked

  12. Just as everything has a price, everyone has a price tag. No matter if it’s money, power or the flashlights of fame. People will do anything to get you to help them to save their skin.

  13. Every criminal is a migrant

  14. One of the most racist things is, that most Americans seem to be to unflashy to be real criminals and the only way to portrait this is to make every migrant a potential criminal. And even worse, 95% of the criminals in this game are actually people with a migration background. I guess this is one of those political incorrect things that will help to boost sales.

  15. Family above all

  16. Only your family counts, and even there will be traitors. It’s been know since Godfather II, you can trust no one, but the family is the only security you have.

  17. There is lots of useless violence

  18. People get killed everyday, driving is not save and innocent bystanders are hit more often than we all wish. Violence will never only hit the ones who deserve it and will squelch a lot people who have nothing to do with it.

  19. The best advertisement comes by word of mouth

  20. The best advice for freelancers is to deliver good work and others will approach you to sell their dope, whack their opponents or rob a bank. In freelance life the same rings true, a good photographer or designer will be know for his works. A writer will have his books recommended by his readers and a fun melody can turn into a funky ring-tone.

  21. Relationships need flowers, gifts and attention

  22. One of the sickest and most stupid things you could learn from GTA is that women work like a game and you have to do nice things to make them happy and get in their pants. There is more to life than bribes to make you liked.

  23. You are the limit of your own beliefs

  24. Scarface told the story, GTA goes with it, no matter how small you are, you just have to know what you want and go for it. Stop thinking about plans and take action and you will be better off than 80% of the people who never even start doing something.

  25. Drivers licenses are overrated, so are laws of the street, but you can get killed by driving like a madman

  26. The great part about GTA is that you will learn that every car has a different way of reacting. Nevertheless you will have a lot of accidents when you are driving without the limits of laws and will wreck you cars as you go.

  27. You have to collect your profits

  28. This has been big in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, whenever you start a business you have to collect the money it produces, unless you don’t take care of your income it will hit a plateau at one time. You have to invest to make money.

  29. You need more than 1 living space to avoid commuting

  30. Communting sucks and takes up a lot of useless time, that’s the reason why the developers reduced the time you have to travel to your work, in other words your missions, in order to keep you happy. There is nothing more useless than wasting time in your car to get from a to b every single day in your life.

  31. Eating fast food regenerates your health

  32. One of those other things that will make you scratch your head is that in GTA4 fast food will regenerate your health. Better stick to GTA San Andreas where you had to exercise in order to stay fit while fast food made you fat and ruined your health.

  33. Sleeping will save your life

  34. Just as in real life, every period of rest will regenerate your life and save your progress. Life without sleeping will simply wears us down and burn us out. We have to take breaks in order to perform at our highest levels.

  35. Violence can be disturbingly entertaining

  36. Violence is is usually ugly, but sadly it’s more appealing and entertaining to human nature than most other peaceful endeavors. You need competition and if there is blood involved all the better.

  37. Money does not care about color, but people using it do

  38. Money does not care who uses it, but most people have prejudices against people from different cultures, they hang on their cash and think everybody who is from somewhere else will rob them. Rich people will always do whatever possible to make the poor hate each other so they won’t see where their money really goes.

  39. Stuntmen live a dangerous life

  40. Every monster stun you do can potentially kill you. So all Kudos to the people who live a life others will only test as a video gamer.

Poker Chip Textures

It’s Sunday again, TEXTURE TIME! Today you can download 4 high resolution [4288*2856 px] poker chip textures. Enjoy! 🙂

4 free coffee stain brushes

It’s time for a freebie again, it’s been a long time since I shared my last set of textures, which was partly due to my camera being dusted and not having the time to get it cleaned, and then being on vacation. It’s a tough life, I know 😉 Anyways today marks the day of the first non texture freebie, you can download 4 free 2500px photoshop brushes of good old coffee stains.


Book adaptions – which movies did best?

Being a book and movie geek there are a lot of stories that you read and watch, some are good, others plain suck. Which movies are good enough to watch them after you read the book?

  1. The Godfather – Even though the book had to be shortend and a few aspects of the whole Mario Puzzo story are lost in translation this is one of the best book adaptions ever, it has depth, style and formed the image of the american mafia. It does not matter that you can see every shade of the wonderfully drawn characters that you can read about in the book.

  2. Fight Club – One of the best(very subjective) and more importantly highly influencing movie’s directed in the 90’s delivers every punch line and is as politically incorrect as the book. Watch the movie and read all the books by Chuck Palanihuk, those really mess with the society like literature should do.

  3. Mystic River – Dennis Lehane always writes books with some nasty little twist. This movie is one of the best adaptions you can watch and you should make sure you watch and read this epic about trust, betrayel and horrible events. Clint Eastwood did the best job possible.

  4. Sin City – It’s one of those movies that does not get better the more you watch it, still it’s one of the best (comic-)book to movie adaptions. It’s actually not an adaption, it’s a comic on a screen with all the cheesy dialoges and overdrawn characters involved. Thumbs up Robert Rodriguez, let’s see if Sin City 2 will work as well.

  5. The Hunt for Red October – An allstar cast and the good’ol fear of the cold war make this movie worthwhile. You can hate or love Clancy, his books are read by many and this has to be the strongest adaption of one of his books.

  6. High Fidelity – John Cusack drives this film. A great book about love and the hardships life throws at you put into one compelling movie. As if the book was written for John to perform it.

Sidenote: Everyone must have high expactations for the upcoming shutter island. Scorcese usually does a great job, even though Leo does not fit into that leading role. Nevertheless it will be hard to mess this up as the Lehane book was brilliantly twisted and the Departed was a great adaption as well, even though it was a simple copy from another movie. Go & get the book before you watch the movie, there is still plenty of time to finish it.

Smashill earnings, stats and thoughts for May 2009

This has been a quiet month here at smashill, but nevertheless a lot of stuff got done. Outside the blog at least. I finally have 9 files approved at istock, which is one short of the amount I want to have there, I even made my first whooping 29 cent there, which just underlines how stupid stock photography is. It’s a numbers game nothing more, but it’s something that I had to test out. Otherwise I had a pretty good opportunity of ordering a few posters and photos for free through my old blog and I have been creating loads of stuff offline, as I have been pretty sick of the online world this month. The sensor of my camera was dusted, so I had to give it away and I am still waiting for it from last week Monday… annoying to go to the shop when they say they would have it ready by Saturday and they don’t have it when you drop by. Guess I will try to harvest a discount for that, but I guess they won’t do that for me. *shrugs*

Project Stats & Earnings

9 files up and running, which is more than double to last month. 29 cents earned!

I started to delete a few of my zazzle items and will restructure my gallery the upcoming months.
Deleted a few images and upped the price for my images quite a lot. As I don’t make any sales there yet, it does not matter at all. I just don’t want to underprice myself there.

Repeating last month’s words: Wonder if I will use that service more often in the future. It sure looks like a great community, but I have not been taking part in it too much.

As with everything related to the online world, my twitter usage has been very low. Less conversations, less traffic, more quality offline time.

Site Stats

Since February 11. 79 Posts and 61 comments were written, this month I’ve hit the publish button every other day if I believe my stats, but it’s been a lot writing early and a lot of nothing later, I skipped my main traffic generation tool of textures for 2 weeks, as my camera was dusted and I did not bother fixing the textures for this.

Traffic wise it’s been a great ride thinking of how little time I put into the blog, as there came more than 850 visitors ending up on over 1000 visits! I know what drives the traffic for my niche and I will work on this once I get my camera back. I’ll probably upload textures twice per week, as those are the engine of my blog.

There has been another pagerank update, but this blog has neither dropped nor increased and stands at a steady pagerank of 2. Here you can have a look at the stats for this month. A little increase compared to last month, and I will work on this the upcoming month. It’s not about time put into this, it’s about using the time spend effective.


Outlook for June

It’s been tough to update as regular as I did when I started this blog, the weather is so great I actually don’t want to waste as much time in front of the computer as I’d do when the weather sucks. I have to work on my timing and get at least 3 regular updates per week. I count I stock as done this month, and will work on my photography portfolio and try to get some more sales there. Traffic wise I will push this blog and try to find a bigger blog to share my textures with, maybe someone reading this would be interested in that. Just drop me a line.