The Town

The Town – Stadt ohne Gnade* war eine der besten Actionunterhaltungen, die man im Jahr 2010 im Kino sehen konnte. Boston ist das Europa Amerikas, kalt, naß und von den Gebäuden her so überhaupt nicht typisch für Amiland.
Dann sieht man die Vororte und Ghettos und denkt, hmm doch schon etwas unschöner als hier. Ich hätte nach Gone Baby Gone nicht gedacht, dass Affleck ein guter Regisseur ist, aber ich lasse mich von so einem unterhaltsamen Film gerne umstimmen. In den guten 2 Stunden sieht man sehr viele Hoddies, Shirt und andere Zeichen um auch dem letzten Zuschauer klar zu machen: Wir sind in Boston, aber die Stoyline ist tight, die Action gut, die Konflikte sauber entwickelt und der Film stimmt einfach bis zum Ende, da kann man auch den Holzhammer Boston Pride gerne mal übersehen. Wenn Charlestown wohl inzwischen so gentrifiziert ist wie mancher Stadtteil in Hamburg, ist der Film doch jedem Möchtegern Gangster empfohlen, und auch alle anderen, die gerne Äktschon guggen sollten sich die DVD/Blu-Ray zu Gemüthe führen, wenn der Kinogang verpasst wurde. 5 von 5 Nonnen die keine Stripperinnen, sondern Bankräuber sind.

Looks promising – The American

Looks like a good movie will be finally coming up again. George Clooney killing it in Italy will probably satisfy both genders.

80’s Retro Love – The Expandables

Oh yeah, going to university might end up delivering some good information. Can’t wait till it’s august, not talkin about a stripper bame or the summersun itself, but this movie. Guess this will make a few bucks for good’old Sly.

Movie’s I did not know were in the making: Robin Hood

Most Blockbuster offer the promised land for action movies and the trailer manage to sell them like the next big thing. Now this trailer for Robin Hood got me by suprise, as I did not even know they were shooting it. Looks like a mix of gladiator and brave heart, which were not the worst movies I have to admit. Hopefully they don’t fuck this up.

Kick Ass trailer

Did anyone hear about this movie yet? It totally avoided my vision but sure show how fun changing the perspective can be. Let’s all be superheroes and wear our underpants on our heads. Uhm, this does not sound right.

smashill's 2009

There is no better way to see what you are doing wrong than editing hard. I wrote roughly 10 paragraphs and simply deleted them all. Starting all over is a healthy way of changing habits.

What the fuck was up with smashill?

Smashill believes in creativity, art, writing and doing what you love. In 2009 focus was something that lacked. The development of an idea and the focus on a peer group is something that was neglected very long. Trying to make money, but not being able to make any significant amount was pretty fucked up. Doing other things to pay the bills was the smart move, neglecting smashill instead of shifting the focus was the easy way out.

2009 launch – death – rebirth 2010

It could be the story of a phoenix, but to be reborn the traffic has to increase. Creativity. That’s what it’s all about and that’s what it’s going to be.

Bypass income, or how to make a living

As smashill has not been the source of income for me yet I will create other venue streams to support my income. Smashill was a great idea: create a low traffic blog that was shooting for advertisements used all my illusions, yet burst like a bubble. It’s probably smart to start other ways of creating an income and share my path right here.

  • Build up a Photographer Portfolio and start shooting Portraits, Sports, Businesses and Weddings. I have been photographing for ages and I am capable of taking better pictures than most of the photographers in my area. It’s only logical to work on this
  • Get our Gallery up and running. We have the domain, webspace, wordpress template, photographed a few of our works, the logo. We have to fix the template to our needs, which is roughly about 60% done, as it looked better than it was programmed. We have to put the logo on the site and write the content. 2-4 weeks and the site should be up and running.
  • Blogging. This year will be the first time to launch a german blog. The goal besides creating content and teaching is to build it up a community that strives to improve itself. Domain, webspace and template are the things that I own, content & traffic is something I have to create. Time to get going, as I have been procrastinating writing the first 10 articles since the start of the year.
  • Writing. This year writing a novel is a dream. It’s about time, as three different story-lines wait to be developed and written down. Not to mention finding a publisher and selling them.
  • Shirt designs. Last year designing shirts was a big goal, but about the only one that got left behind. I have my fine wacom tablet and will start to pump out a few designs and participate in a few contests to build up a reputation.
  • Silkscreen prints. Having access to a great place where I can produce silkscreen prints for little money will be another outlet for my art. Printing used to be the medium of my choice, then I switched to concept, picked up painting last year, and will create a lot prints this year. Prints are a great way to create unique art that is not as expensive as paintings.
  • Help other artists sell their works. Knowing quite a lot artists might be helpful in this endeavour, as we open our online gallery this year and want to add a few more artists to it. Hopefully we can pull this off and create something cool. Can’t wait to invite a few friends once this whole project goes live.
  • Teach. Find a part time job at a place to teach about art/photography once or twice a week.

Seems like it’s going to be a very busy year. Loads of stuff to do, it’s time to get going.

Merry Christmas 2009

Hopefully you can enjoy some time off and spend it with your family or friends. Take a moment to reflect on yourself and don’t be angry if you could not afford that shine bling to give away. Rather spend time with the ones you love and show them that you care. If they can’t appreciated they should be working on themselves.
Take care,