Roa in Mexiko [Graffiti Video]

Roa, einer der ganz großen Graffiti Künstler unserer Zeit, geht ein paar Tage in Mexiko ab. Wie gewohnt in black&white sind seine suizidären Tiere jenseits von gut & böse. Einblicke in den Workflow, kombiniert mit einem passenden Lied. Vielleicht nicht ganz großes Kino, aber man sitzt ja eh vorm Rechner und schaut sich das an. Von daher passts.

ROA EN MÉXICO from Filmaciones de la Ciudad on Vimeo.


Anthony Lister in Berlin [video]

Anthony Lister, australischer Künstler, bekannt für seine leicht entstellten Superhero Malerein. Leicht abstrakt, und definitiv nahe am Sellout sind wohl alle seine Arbeiten, aber irgendwie auch nicht. Da ist es fein, dass dieses kleine Video einen schönen Blick hinter die Kulissen liefert und man selbst entscheiden kann: den mag ich, oder auch nicht. Künstler sind auch nur Menschen, und die fahren manchmal sogar Skateboard.

Anthony Lister in Berlin from rodgezooi on Vimeo.

Bordsteinmaler [5 min Vid]

In fünf Minuten zu einem Aquarell auf dem Bordstein in Myanmar. Ein Kunstwerk das manchen Kunststudenten Stunden beschäftigen würde. Kunsthandwerk ist schon etwas feines, und wenns so schnell in Bob Ross Manier abgeht, kann man sich manchen technischen Kniff abschauen.

Graffiti 101

My top 3 to keep updated on street art and graffiti

Craziest Art Video you'll see this year

This year’s crisis has been an inspiration for many artists, and this video is one to either love or hate, don’t know if this is save for work, but there are no nude people and nothing besides some blood. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies originated in Japan called Battle Royale. The whole sickness lies in the playing of deadly games to entertain the masses, especially when it involves teenagers. We are still far away from Running Man, The Gamer or Gladiator games on primetime TV, at least that’s what we can hope. Enough talking, enjoy the videos:

Metal on Metal “BASTARD” from The Glue Society on Vimeo.

and the Battle Royale trailer, which is probably not save for work:

As you are still reading … this is about the best present for your usual chritmas rejecting friend that relates to those two videos, especially the first one … christmas granades, where you can actually do something good, as parts of your purchase go to charity.

Art is no Happy Camping

Most people who do not study arts don’t understand it. It’s pretty simple, art has become extremely sophisticated and people who are not into the whole art movement can have a very hard time understanding what art really is. It’s not for fuckin happy campers anyways. To make a long story short: “The engine for art is innovation.

You can paint a pretty picture? You can draw your grandma perfectly? You can create some abstract art? Been there done that. As long as you can’t deliver something new, please head over to the applied art section of the world. You might find a job in the design industries. After all, the last thing that art is about, are beautiful pictures. Let’s take Marcel Duchamps Pissoir, most people simply don’t get it, that’s sad enough. Art is simply one fucked up and sophisticated process, that has to be questioned, who are the people who say what art is and what is not? What can art do and what can’t art do? Art should not please you. It has to be a challenge. And it has to be something new. Something unqiue. Something that has yet to be done.

The moment you think you understand a great work of art, it’s dead for you.

Start with Duchamp to see the first glimpse of real art, then visit the conceptual artists of the 60’s to see radical concepts and then, once you arrive in our time start hugging street art, as it is the purest art right now.

Screw it, most modern artists don’t draw well… don’t ask someone who calls himself an artist if he can draw or paint well, just shut up and ask what he does. You can determine now if he is an artist, or even worse, a faker.